About us

Since 1994 we represent the best and most solid insurance companies in the market. We are a team of more than 100 advisors and direct technicians who know the needs of our clients so that they have excellent coverage during all phases of their lives. We provide a personalized, agile, efficient and humane service with the guarantee of complete confidentiality.

We specialize in international insurance covering families and companies with the most sophisticated needs. Among them are companies of all sizes, both transnational and national, embassies and professionals.

Our goal is to develop an insurance package that optimizes your resources and manages your risks. We are a company that we represent only International and private companies.

H. Puterman & Associates is made up of more than 100 partners with more than 20 years of experience in the insurance market, which ensures you peace of mind that you will always have the best advice when you purchase your insurance.

* Note: We do not work with any type of Social Security.


An insurance tailored to your needs …

In H. Puterman & Associates. we have a portfolio of products designed to improve the quality of life and the work motivation of its employees. Do not forget that H. Puterman & Associates, in addition to constituting a social benefit for them, also entails important benefits for the company.

A personalized option, we offer a solution tailored to your company among all our products.


H.Puterman & Assoc. adapt its products and services to the needs of the company. Thanks to its Group structure, it is the only company in the sector capable of making this comprehensive offer of Health Management for Companies.

Dedication and ease of management:

  • We seek the most appropriate response to your company’s needs with  H. Puterman & Associates. A health management report will be available to you in order to establish in a personalized way the most suitable type of medical insurance for your company.
  • We put at your disposal the exclusive Corporate Service for Large Customers, where any service related to the policy is managed.
  • We facilitate the management of the policy for companies, which allows the completion of all the procedures related to the policy in a fast and efficient way.