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Best Doctors Insurance Limited, Its mission is: to facilitate access to the best and most advanced medical care. This objective is the starting point of all health plans, benefits and service we offer. Our indisputable medical experience allows our members to be absolutely sure that they are receiving the correct diagnosis and the right treatment when they need it most.

This means that you will always have absolute confidence that you are making the best decision when it comes to protecting your health, your lifestyle and your loved ones.

When a medical problem arises, remember that you can always use our exclusive InterConsulta® service to consult with the leading specialists in each medical area. I enclose the brochures to help you understand the rights and responsibilities that come from your medical coverage. Please take the time to read it carefully.


Before submitting to any treatment, please contact us to check the benefits and benefits to which you are entitled as an insurer of Best Doctors Insurance. Our support and the advice of the best doctors in the world are just a phone call away.


Medical Elite: It covers 10,000,000 per Insured per Policy Year, World with Free Choice of Hospitals and Doctors anywhere in the world.

Premier Plus: It covers $ 5,000,000 per Insured per Policy Year, Worldwide with Free Choice of Suppliers anywhere in the world.

Global Care: Covers $ 2,000,000 per Insured per Policy Year, Outside the United States: Free Choice of Physicians and Hospitals.

In the United States: Restricted access to the GLOBALCARE ™ Network: Covered medical expenses incurred outside of the GLOBALCARE ™ Network in the United States will be covered by 60%, with a limit of $ 600 per day for the room and $ 1,200 per day for the intensive care unit. Emergency Medical Treatment will be covered 100% up to the limits of the Policy.

Medical Care: Covers $ 1,500,000 per Insured per Policy Year, Within the MEDICAL CARE ™ Network:

Out-of-Network Providers of MEDICALCARE ™: Covered medical expenses incurred outside of the MEDICALCARE ™ Network will be covered by 60%, with a limit of $ 600 per day for a room and $ 1,200 per day for intensive care * The MEDICALCARE ™ plan of Global Coverage has a free choice of Suppliers outside of the United States.

In 2017, Best Doctors became part of Teladoc, the world’s largest and most trusted virtual care provider. Teladoc provides a new type of connected healthcare experience, with better convenience, quality, and value.

Best Doctors is integrated, easy, innovative, experienced, tested and reliable. Our patented medical review service gives our members access to the best medical minds in the world, no matter where they are. We are removing the burden of uncertainty from the shoulders of the members and creating a personal, compassionate and comprehensive way to ensure that people receive the best possible medical advice.

Why Best Doctors?

Best Doctors was founded with the specific objective of providing expert and independent clinical analysis to the people who need it most, regardless of their physical location. For more than 28 years, Best Doctors has defined a market and built a global network to continue the mission of identifying and taking on the most complex, critical and costly cases, wherever they occur.

To date, Best Doctors has completed more than 100,000 expert medical reviews with an average cost savings of $ 36K per case.


Our client teams work seamlessly with other benefits providers and payers.


We facilitate that the members understand it and that it is easy to participate in the process.


We leverage new technologies and create new products to increase client value.


We know how to design, target and communicate services for industry-specific populations.


We impact enterprise value through member retention, savings and return to work.


For 28+ years, we have earned the trust of the clinical community and our members.