We are a company dedicated to providing security to the different eventualities of life with excellent quality. I am at your service to provide you with our International Health insurance service with Vumi Group, an extraordinary VIP experience:

  • We have a full range of products and services of superior quality. Cancer exams, medications, and treatments (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) Dialysis.
  • Air and land ambulance transport.
  • Coverage for Allergy Treatments and includes diagnostic tests.
  • Coverage for Alzheimer’s.
  • A dedicated and responsive team that responds to your needs.
  • A company that is committed to the Latin American and Caribbean markets and invests in them.
  • Nursing care at home.
  • The wellness program that includes preventive medical check-up (depends on the plan you select) and benefits of bariatric surgery.
  • Experience in the management of claims both in the US and in the rest of the world.
  • Other benefits that depend on the plan that best suits your needs.

It should be noted that the company is currently handling an incentive, which is the elimination of the deductible for services in Venezuela and for the importation of medicines and medical supplies. It is important that agents and customers alike are aware that it is a discretionary incentive, and that it is not part of the benefits of the policy, but a provision adopted temporarily.

VUMI policyholders can prepay the deductible of their policy and enjoy a more expeditious experience when receiving medical service or treatment without having to worry about making direct payments to the hospital or provider.

The prepayment of the deductible can be made online at any time or when a medical service or treatment is scheduled and it is known that the deductible of the policy will apply.

Agents or insured can make the advance payment of the deductible by credit card or electronic check from our website under the Online Payments section of the main menu and without having to log in to the VUMI Agent Portal.



Absolute VIP:

It is our most innovative plan for all your needs, providing unlimited coverage with a free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide. Superior benefits of Maternity, Organ and Tissue Transplantation, Cancer, Podiatry Treatments and Bariatric Surgery and more


Universal VIP:

It is our most complete $ 5 Million annual coverage plan and free choice of medical service providers worldwide. Enjoy extensive benefits for outpatient and inpatient procedures, maternity and organ and tissue transplantation, HIV/AIDS, preventive check-ups and more.



Special VIP:

It covers all essential health needs and provides an annual coverage up to $3 Million. Receive a wide range of benefits, as well as free choice of doctors and hospitals anywhere outside the United States and 100% coverage in the United States within a “Special US Network.”


Senior VIP:

Special plan for senior citizens aged 60 and over with maximum coverage per lifetime person $3 Million with a maximum incurred per policy year is $350,000.00.


Prime VIP:

It offers an annual coverage of $ 1.5 Million and lifetime maximum per person of $ 5 Million, maximum coverage per person per year policy from 70 years is $ 500,000.00 and a wide range of benefits, as well as free choice of doctors and hospitals in any place outside the United States and 100% coverage in the US within a “Red Prime Network”. Coinsurance within the United States 20% of the first $ 5,000 after the deductible, 1 per insured per policy year, maximum 2 per policy, per policy year. * Plan available only for Mexico.

When a medical problem arises, remember that you can always use our exclusive Second Medical Opinion service to consult with the leading specialists in each medical area.